Adam Chapman
Vehicle Owner

I was really excited to finally get a new truck, but as beautiful as it was, I was soon diagnosed with a nasty case of fishbowling. I had never heard of this before and was surprised to learn that it affects nearly 65% of all Americans. It may sound like a silly name, but fishbowling is serious business, having been linked to excessive heat, increases in crime, and musical embarrassment.

The only prescription to alleviate fishbowling is some high quality window tint, and I knew the best person to see about it was Drew over at Armentor Glass. The entire experience was as smooth as can be. I brought my truck in early one morning, we discussed the appropriate light percentages, and the application took maybe an hour.

The window tint came out beautiful and I could immediately notice the difference. The truck looks better, is cooler inside, feels safer to leave items in, and I can sing and dance to the new Selena Gomez song with no fear. You don’t have to suffer from the effects of fishbowling anymore! Give the folks at Armentor Glass a call today!

Cory LaGrange
Vehicle Owner

Being a Jeep owner, I know all about cracked windshields. Anyone who drives a Jeep will tell you that windshields are just about disposable, as I change mine almost once a year. In the past, I’d have to set an appointment, drop off my Jeep, find a ride to and from work, and pay an arm and a leg for my very specific etched glass. It was just a mess. Luckily, I came across Armentor Glass Works.

Not only were they able to get my particular windshield in stock in just a day, they even scheduled to pick up my Jeep from my workplace and drop it off after it was finished. We set an appointment for pick up, but I was worried that the pouring rain would force us to reschedule. Drew and his employee showed up at my front door, ponchos on, ready to work on my Jeep. They replaced my windshield and had my vehicle back to me in just a few hours. Now THAT is service! Did I mention that they even filed all of the paperwork with my insurance?

I can’t think of one thing that would have made my experience with Drew and the folks at Armentor any more pleasant or professional. Now I don’t shudder at the thought of inevitably replacing my windshield. Armentor Glass Works has given me peace of mind, and that’s PRICELESS! They’ve earned a customer for life.

Trey Landry
Vehicle Owner

I’ve been knowing Drew for a long time now, ever since his days as an all star soccer play in the eighth grade, and he’s always been a good friend of mine. So when I bought my new truck recently, I knew there was only one place I’d bring it to get the windows tinted.

Every time I’ve ever gone to Armentor Glass, I’ve always been welcomed as an old friend. Drew’s team was courteous and very professional with helping me get what I needed. I may have been there for 30 minutes when his team member drove my truck around with the job completed! It was clean and very well done.

I’m very impressed and pleased with my experience at Armentor Glass and despite what I think of Drew personally (just kidding), I would definitely recommend Armentor Glass for any of your glass needs. Great job guys. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product!

Zach Barker
Vehicle Owner

For me, respect of my time and personal attention are what define GREAT SERVICE. When I got my windows tinted, Drew Patout and the Armentor Glass team exceeded my expectations of both!

Upon walking in, Drew and his team welcomed me immediately as if I were an old friend. They asked me how much time I had, offered my space in their office to set up my laptop to work, and assured me they would do everything they can to get me in and out quickly.

Less than 90 minutes later I was amazed to see Drew walk over to me and pronounce “We’re done… you are ready to roll!” with a big grin on his face. A fully tinted Chevy Tahoe in 1.5 hours… seriously?!?! WOW!

Armentor Glass, Drew Patout and team can expect me to send all my people to them so they can be taken care of and treated like VIPs. Great work guys!

Stephanie Gonsoulin

I was very excited to have Drew and the guys from Armentor Glass install the new mirrors at my dance studio, Studio 84. These mirrors are HUGE, but they were experts at handling them and were quick and professional throughout the process.

The job was done beautifully and I highly recommend their team. I’ve already scheduled them to come back to tint my front glass doors next!

Mitchell Johnson
Commercial & Residential Landscaper

I called multiple window tinting companies to see about tinting my tractor windows. Many told me that the job would be too difficult and some I didn’t even hear back from.

I called Drew, gave him the make and model of my tractor, and minutes later he called me back with a quote. Later on the same day I delivered the tractor and I had it back the next day! I was so impressed with the work his team did! Any other glass work I’ll need .. it’ll be by Armentor Glass Works.

Sarah James Moss
Residential Designer & Realtor

Drew and his crew are attentive and professional. He is able to deliver on specialty designs as well as essential glass and mirror installations. I would recommend Armentor Glass Works to my clients without hesitation.

You can see some of their amazing work in my website portfolio at . Check out the beautiful glass bar top in the kitchen!

Stafford Barnett

Armentor Glass Works went out of their way to service my needs. I broke the glass on my back door while mowing the lawn. We were in the process of getting my house ready to sell, and were in a time crunch to get it ready. The last thing I needed was a broken door.

Drew worked with me to come to my house while I was still at work. He provided a competitive quote, and surprisingly, was able to get the glass needed the next day. He fixed my door, again, without me or my wife even being able to be there, and he did it quickly. It is nice to know that there are contractors out there who are trustworthy and dependable. I would recommend Armentor Glass Works to everyone.